The Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation

The Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation is a foundation helping a surfteam in Dakar with their educational and sportive development. The team consits of around fifteen surfkids. The foundation is currently supporting by paying school fee's  and accomodating surfing lessons and supplying gear.  By supporting the surfkids we hope to create rollmodels to inspire other children in Dakar to learn how to surf.
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Dakar is a famous surfing hotspot in Western-Africa. For more info on surfing in Dakar click on this article from the ISA.

Above pictures are taken by the talented Nicole Sweet. 

Help out the project

Would you are your company like to help out the project? Please contact ur or see the presentation below.

The team checking the waves in Ngor, Dakar.