The Surfkids

Ismaila Samb, 17 years

The most experienced Surfer of the group. Ismaila has been a competitor in the national championships for a couple of years now and became first in his age group (under 17) in 2019. His talent and commitment has already given him sponsors from european brands such as Janga Wetsuits and Northcore. Furthermore Ismalia is well known for his Italian-Wolof word combos.

Aita Diop, 15 years

She is one of the first girls to go surfing in Senegal. Her motivated approach has already qualified her for the national championships. If Aita is not in school or in the water you will most likely find her helping out at her Mom´s Fish BBQ restaurant on the beach in Yoff. Aita is a great example for all the younger girls in the area that are keen on learning how to surf. Aita is also featuring in the the WSL documentary 'Brilliant Corners' on Dakar. 

Adama Samb, 15 years

The younger brother of Ismaila is always around trying to learn new tricks. Just at the age of 15 Adama has already development a great personality. He is the "silent leader" of the surf group. Organising the boards, wetsuits, pushing his friends to work harder on their surfing. Adama plays a major role in the community.

If you had an unhappy morning, you better go surfing with Adama. He will make you feel better in no time.

Sassou Ndoye, 18 years
He is one of the most dedicated guys in the team. As soon as Sassoumane fininshes school he will go to the closest spot and start surfing until its dark. Being such an energetic teenager, "Sassou" is also working in a local bakery after the surf sessions to help out his family. 

Sassoumane really comes to life when the waves are big and he has his friends with him in the water.

Cherif Diop, 15 years

A very talented kid that has been surfing for most of his life. Growing up in a fishing village has brought Cherif in touch with the ocean at a very young age. His smooth approach hasn´t only gotten him a unique style on the surfboard, he has also brought it back to the beach where he is constantly entertaining his friends.

If Cherif keeps progressing on his development we are certain to see him in the youth olympics.

Issa Diouf, 12 years

Issa can literally surf on anything that floats in the water. When he´s not in school you will probably find him surfing waves around the peninsula with his best mate Mame Seyna. His mother is always happy to offer tasty rice and fish to the Surfkids whenever they are surfing spots around "Les Almadies". Furthermore Issa has already made himself a name in the area for his dance moves.

Mame Seydine Mbengue, 10 years

Mame Sedy's heart beats for the waves. He surfed before even start to walk. Surfing is his passion and he is totally into it. At his age of 10, he is the youngest surfer competing in Senegal and he is the champion of his category! He is one of the real candidate to represent Senegal in the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar 2026. 

The kids below are able to ride anything that can  float in the water. They are always actif among skateboarding, surfing and acrobatics performances. They are all on the national podium in their own surf category and they are the candidates for the Dakar 2026 YOG. 

Ibrahima Endoye, 18 years

Aliou, 9 years

Babacar Sene, 12 years

Assane Gueye, 10 years

Bara Gueye, 13 years

 Karim Diouf, 13 years